Counseling and Life Coaching Services

Our Vision

Quality life coaching, mental health support, and psychological well-being are all accessible by anyone who may need them and in whichever form and platform they prefer.

Our Values






Our Purpose

To help elevate the quality of people's lives and make them worth living.

Our Guiding Light

Helping make this world a better place by providing accessible mental health services and psychological support.

Our counseling and coaching sessions are dialectic-based, which is heavy on discourse and investigating experiences. We help balance either your Emotional Mind or your Rational Mind, and assist you in your journey to finding your Wise Mind through acknowledging your emotions but also understanding where these are coming from, using the biopsychosocial model. Psychoeducation is a major part of our approach: we believe that by raising our awareness and learning more about our own psychological tendencies, we, human beings, naturally strive to improve parts of us that we are willing to change. 

We focus on developing four major skills: mindfulness, emotion regulation, distress tolerance, and interpersonal effectiveness. We follow the AAA framework in our counseling and coaching programs: Awareness, Assessment, and Action. 

Our Wellness Framework

We in Lighthouse believe that wellness is holistic and that every aspect of our life has to find a certain kind of balance. As we go through examining our lives, we will be touching on all the following major life dimensions: